COVID-19 Driver Health & Safety

Like many of you, HITCH is excited for Bermuda’s transition into and through Phase 4; particularly the much-anticipated re-opening of our LF Wade International Airport xp 네트워크 드라이브.

Throughout this pandemic we have been working hard to ensure the safety of both our passengers and drivers and must continue to do so as we welcome back our international travelers. 

We have seen an increase in ridership over the past few weeks and anticipate this trend to continue as we move through Phase 4 삼성화재 다이렉트 다운로드.

The safety and comfort of our drivers is of most importance to HITCH, and as such, our team has been extensively involved in discussions with the Ministry of Health and the Bermuda Government to ensure proper protocols are in place for a successful transition through Phase 4. 
Please take this time to familiarize yourself with these new changes prior to resuming Taxi operations. A detailed outline has been attached for your reference 트리오브세이비어 다운로드.  Additionally, key points are listed below. 

 HITCH has also been in communication with Skyport to ensure safety protocols are established to provide safety and reassurance to drivers. These have been outlined here.

  • Persons collecting passengers to stay in/near their vehicles in the short term car parking lot
  • Taxis drivers to stay in/near their vehicles (PPE required)
  • Meet and greet/Taxi drivers area will be closed off 
  • Licensed airport ground transportation operators will have an assigned spot (green carpeted area, one person only) – all other employees to remain in their vehicle
  • Licensed airport ground transportation operators (pre-arranged) vehicles to use zig-zag parking bays – they will not be allowed to park near ground transportation (green carpeted area)
  • Pre-arranged taxis will continue parking in their normal spot (opposite side of first-line in taxis near long-term car parking lot) and must remain with their vehicles while the ATO’s direct clients directly to the drivers 
  • Taxi Lounge closed, however restrooms remain open

We understand the uncertainty that accompanies the progression through this new phase, and we thank you  for your continued cooperation and diligence during these unprecedented times.

Please be safe and take care!


HITCH Support

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