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We eliminate the traditional taxi-hailing hassle by offering a direct link to a reliable ride, anytime, anywhere. Our commitment is to your convenience, connecting you instantly with our trusted drivers for a smoother journey.

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After downloading the HITCH Bermuda App on any Apple or Android mobile device, create an account with a valid credit or debit card, and you will be able to book a HITCH vehicle with ease. 

Never before has getting from one place to another in Bermuda been so simple.

Seamless Connectivity

Not only is HITCH easy to use, but it seamlessly connects drivers with passengers and can be used in addition to any pre-existing system that a driver already has.

Billing System

HITCH is an app that makes billing and retrieving information on past rides safer and easier than ever. All transactions and payments are done automatically through HITCH and receipts are emailed at the conclusion of each ride.
The app will also allow passengers and drivers to review previous invoices.

Safer Environment

HITCH makes travelling safer for both drivers and passengers. With less cash on hand, drivers will find themselves far less likely to be victims of crime. Additionally, passengers will find themselves safer as both they and drivers will have information on one another before the journey begins.

Highly Compatible

HITCH is available for use on any apple or android mobile device and can be downloaded with ease!

Cancellation Fee

After a ride is booked and confirmed, passengers will incur a cancellation fee if they decide to cancel the booking at the last minute.

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Get your confirmation instantly, and watch your HITCH come towards you. No more calling back to see if a taxi is on its way. No more cash.

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Embark on a journey that offers flexibility, increased earning potential, and the chance to be part of our innovative and driver-friendly network.

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